stork daddy outside a restaurant, having a cigarette. a well dressed man gets out of a hummer at the valet. looks at me and declares, what a disgusting habit. i'm thinking - i don't see you reigning in your negative externalities jerk. and don't make any god damn social utility arguments. the social utility of me smoking at this moment is me not bludgeoning you to death with your halliburton attache case. 080212
unhinged hummers are a disgusting habit also

people like that should be glad we don't quit.
birdmad civillain hummers are for penis-envy sufferers who are not direct enough to either buy a good strap-on or a Swedish pump 080212
also regularly announcing the disgusting habits of strangers, to their faces, is a disgusting habit 080212
Lemon_Soda Doesn't disgust bme when they do it, but I do think its rude. 080213
unhinged eh *shrugs*

i find hypocrisy one of the most disgusting human habits. this guy is pissed cause a cigarette is polluting his environment when he just climbed out of a hummer? really....what the fuck ever.

i really resent when people make comments like that to me for smoking. honestly, i am as polite as a smoker can be. don't stand near doors or windows, direct my exhale up and out instead of directly in peoples' faces. people shouldn't be nasty. period. it bothers me.

i'm incoherent again today. it snowed like 6 inches here yesterday. so now there is 2 fucking feet of snow in the lowest spots. i hate everything right now. yes, pretty much everything.

except for radiohead in_rainbows
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