pushpins I was thinking maybe I'll get peircings on my bottom and upper lips. a lot of them. then just let them heal.
and weave a string through the holes, so my mouth would be sewn shut.

They already know I keep it inside, but I don't think they understand to what extent.

I want something known, even if it is only my dramatic silence, and my supposed "mysterious air" they claim i have.
YOUR FATHER like this? --------------- [[[[[[[[[[[[BEWARE THAT LINK IS GRAPHIC!]]]]]]]]]]]]]] 020118
YOUR FATHER Various motivations for lip sewing:

1* Religious/spiritual sacrifice/devotion primarily practiced among ascetic holy men in India (Sadhus) and in this case the sutures are relatively permanent (i.e. if the sutures rot over time, they may be replaced).

2* Confrontational Performance (i.e. see Artaud's essay on the subject or read Hakim Bey's Poetic Terrorism) For example, the lip sewing that Daemon did on Mikey in 1993 was a social commentary on the issue of censorship (specifically: the police raid and confiscation of art and subsequent charge of pornography of the artist) and how we are being silenced by the policies of our right-wing government.

3* In a similar vein to motivation #2: A highlight in an artsy film. See Bruce Le Bruce's in Mark Hessling's film (also sutured by Daemon).

4* Endorphin Rush.

5* To have 15 minutes in the media spotlight ( la Andy Warhol). The sutures in motivations #2 - #5 tend to be temporary -- usually just long enough to create an effect and do not generally scar if performed properly.
pushpins yes,
like that.
YOUR FATHER it'd hurt 020121
pushpins it would be good for reasons 2, 4, 5 and my own.

silence can be loud if you do it right.

but yeah...ouch.
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