smaller than a thimble,
smarter than a cockroach.
Simpler than geometry,
and two plus two equals 8.

The Schleiffen Man the more diminuitive of the two vers 000906
silentbob i was flipping through the channels when i came across a movie from the forties called Mrs. Miniver and i GASPED! 000927
birdmad never ceases to amaze me with her sentiments, sometimes admirable, sometimes execrable

always provocative

a true iconoclast
Simon Pure I loved you. 010316
DannyH OK. I'm just a tourist, I stumbled across this place when I was looking for something else and I've been here ever since and I came across blathercriticisms and felt I had to say something.
There is no way to read the whole debate, its tendrils probably stretch out over a thousand pages one way or another but it seems to me that whatever you think about Miniver she has raised some fascinating questions. There is another type of link developing here. This is a dictionary with a personality which can criticise itself. We have to realise that we are just cells of this structure.
If blathercriticisms didn't exist you would have to invent it.
I've never met Miniver, SilentBob, Q or any of you but the longer I stay here the more I feel I am being drawn into a discourse with you which will involve criticism if it is to be of any use. So much that exists on the internet is just a faster, more efficient replication of something else. These interactions are of a different order.
girl_jane Cheevy?
user24 bluashdm c

though he had words but didn't.
freakizh i just noticed that miniver is the short of Ministry of Truth (Ministerio de la Verdad), from 1984 novel.

did she nicknamed herself like that on purpose?
yaxle me too! i always thought of miniver cheevy! 020914
ever dumbening i think i just saw a blather ghost 030113
out of sugar and you 051217
spoken... i wish to find me 100227
what's it to you?
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