Pillarsurfer Always, never, nothing, everything... none of these words correspond with any sort of reality. They are only evocations of an imagined status, conjured by subjective minds in pursuit of a nonexistant objectivity. To guide one's philosophy or perceptions with any reference to nothingness or eternity is to make a hermeneutical error of colossal significance. So don't! 100118
hsg not_ever

panalyst words are not the worst. totally helpful sometimes. extremer words are trickier. when we define and codify we use extremer words. we get carried away with 'em. definition gets hyper refined and ends up different than the original phenom. like the four up top. take never. 'seemed like the day would never end'. total hyperbole, right? but words aren't merely_definitions. they're also poems. 'hyperbole' is clearly a poem all by itself. self-evident. say it, hear it, imagine it: total poem. so it's good we have those words. 'seemed like the day would never end'. if you don't get the poetry of that, you've lived a charmed fuckin' life. its value is not the definition, its value is the connotation. no international organization presides over the role words must play in our lives, in our perceptions. thus we will simply have to make do, here in this world where the role of words has not been homogenized, and do our best to guess what signification the other is attaching to the words they are using, and not simply assume their signification is identical to our own. 100119
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dosquatch Words
Words are
Words are merely

But not mine

Words are magic
Words are power
My words know

They know you

My words, written words, merely_words,
They reached across town
You felt them, didn't you?
They reached inside
You responded, didn't you?
They left a mark
They haunt you, hold you

I talked you hot
And wet
And wanton
You asked, begged, mewled
You made me move my words
You rode my words until you came

And thanked me

Those were merely_words

Just think
How would it be



Touched you.....
what's it to you?
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