Borealis admitting to that
would leave me with less than what I started out with.

I love
I care
about you all

especially you star
no reason he asked
she wondered
Spare Change She stared out the window... thirteen stories high and wondered momentarily if that was unlucky. Perhaps all she needed to do was move... She looked out across the bridge, sunlight sparkling on water flowing with sludge and bits of humanity... more often the nasty bits. She smiled anyway, when she thought of how she used to sit along that river, before she had moved down into center city. She had watched the people jogging or biking or rowing and wondered what they thought, how they felt. Their blank focused stares giving away nothing, as they wandered through the interior of their heads. And she wondered momentarily, "Is there anything there? Is there love here?" The thought was fleeting, and yet sitting here so many years later she wondered again... "Is there love here?" She looked at the dirty city and it's polluted river... listened to the honking of horns and the blaring of sirens, and then down at the people on the street... holding hands, laughing... and at the two faces reflected in the window... the gentle smile on his face as he stared at her wonder and she thought that maybe there was... 040521
phil lovers 040521
pete words are love. sincere words are the soul's eroticism. 040522
notme i can't even type really what am i doing 040523
pSyche No, there is none.
Nothing to see, folks. Move along.
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