Soma paint on my hands
my legs and my neck
It's 2AM
I have another 3 hours of work left
And I love what I do.
Il Lustrate Ed Italian for "the lustration." 090910
In_Bloom Should I hand you a pen and ask you to put it down with me?
If I draw a circle. If I draw that circle
Will you draw one beside or overlapping?
second-rank tensor field three men approach the beach.

upon arriving at the shore, they look inquisitively a the water and at each other. two of them wear life jackets, red in colour. the one not wearing a life jacket utters something about "humiliation" but i can't hear this fully, i am too far away.

the three of them point to a boat in the distance, deep in the lake waters.

suddenly, they begin to descend into the water, apparently oblivious to its icy touch. the one not wearing a jacket appears to be leading them, he walks slightly head of the other two - like the bird in the lead position of a v-shape formation. I watch from a sunny distance as he ritualistically rubs water on his arms and chest, preparing for what is coming next.

as they penetrate deeper into the water, they begin to swim. I watch closely and begin to count the strokes. one, two and one, two again. the men in the red life jackets take breaks and let themselves be afloat while their leader swims faster and with more determination. i wonder if this is to establish his leadership further or because he is cold and tired.

a few minutes later they reach their destination: a big white boat with its sail cast down.
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