... the dream of poem, while reclined, watching nonsense
not inspired, revolted
but this poem had it's fangs in my mind
and I was ready to expose it here,
but I stayed still crafting the poem
while I lay reclined,
still revolted by the viewing,
but still deep in another mist of viewing.

I turned my view towards the blue,
but thought I shouldn't,
Don't return, don't drown everyone, because the drowning is easy for everyone to find, it's all downhill isn't it?

So I carry this sentence beyond what I meant it to be. When I view each one of you to be, to be you, it straps the blocks to my back, but it sheds the fear of you, completely strange.

I refill the light when I travel on these blocks, I keep the hand that lights the new hours.

The backsteps I call upon,
and light streams from people who know me, raises us to us.

And that is what I've had to say tonight.
In_Bloom A flash when I read your words
Counted your lines
Imagined the pace of breath

I had a flash of words from a song I once gave to a friend who was treading
Sometimes swimming, tired of floating

"...The sea is very easy place to disappear
To drift away, to fall asleep or make your Peace
I came out here tonight to look for my friend
I don't know if I'll ever get to see him again
I don't know if I'll make it home tonight
But I know I can swim..."
what's it to you?
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