Quintessensual Excuse me for the hiccup. It was a bit higher than expected. 991101
ClairE They came back yesterday. I can't remember the last time I had one. 011212
jenny enny dots Hold your breath while drinking a tall glass of water. Works everytime. 040122
misstree *stares around like someone suddenly teleported*
i didn't mean to click on this. i hadn't, and didn't really feel any urge to.
but i went to click on something next to it in the list,
and a sudden...
made the mouse shift.
it was the first.
there have been no more.
aleatoric_concinnity creeps me out mejor sometimes.
John Williams He hiccoughed. He hiccoughed everywhere. On the bus. At work, even in front of customers. Even in his own mind, the chain of words which continually poured out of the factory in his frontal lobe, a phenomenon often mistaken for true conscious thought, were frequently interrupted by hiccoughs.

He was watching television and he hiccoughed. The television glared back at him, deeply disturbed by the interruption. For the first time it spoke to him.
How dare you.
Excuse me.
I am trying to present an unrestricted, unrestrained and uninterrupted flow to you to placate you, comfort you. To quiet you yet here you have interrupted this sacred rite with this vulgar esophageal spasm. You are an insolent wretch, and faced with the choice of pitying or despising you, I cannot say which side I come down upon.

He was not surprised the televison spoke this is not to say he had been expecting that it would happen some day (he hadn't), but nonetheless, there was nothing particularly surprising about it.

I'm sorry, he replied weakly.

Yes, you are.
what's it to you?
who go