psyki crashes, people die. but not that many, of course. 000205
Glory Box The seed pod whirls down from the sky, and you look up into its helicopter orbit, and for a moment, just a small shining moment, the world switches on itself and you are the spinning promise of life, and the rest of the world is your opportunity. 000718
moonshine heliocopter heliocopters 000718
Homer Mmmmm....helicopters 000718
Joana. Helicopter falls down
to my calm virgin island
said i want to show you
new clouds and new skies
from shore to sun
we'll soar like one
brave martyr pilot
so that i can know you
outside our cold-winded earth
feel part of your desolate pain
taste what has made you grow

At once with your oddness
you enlighten
my slow unnurtured brain
be mine for a day
let your lids shut out that bad focus
to die in a storm
holding you in my last hours
our burning flesh will blow over
some nightmare sea

Daylight won't find a trace
where heaven finds us
living eyes won't find a sign
where peace will hear our prayers
- Mark Kozelek
phil If aliens were really smart, wouldn't they fly around in helicopters? 030715
niska no.
that's too primitive.
olive what came first...
the dragonfly
the helicopter
z xtc 081116
what's it to you?
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