sphinxradio suddenly, every whisper is truth
and every speculation is fact.
but not for long, before it's gone
and washed away
to make room for the next wave
lost at my skool everyone thinks that i am a selfish sex hungry guy that only cares about getting laid. that is completely the opposite of me. all i want is for someone to care about me. and me not be the only one caring. it's almost funny i have had to convince all my friends that i havent had sex with my girlfriend yet. one of my friends didnt beleive me for like a couple hours of me swearing we havent and some still dont beleive me. 011106
homelesswalker gossip the weeds of the human tongue. flying into the air as dandylion seeds spreading across the earth in a windstorm of hate. gossip that says I hate me so i will look at how horrible others are. gossip grows and devours all in its path. like stephan kings virus in dreamcatcher. 020208
Bizzar "filthy quips from dirty lips" 030214
falling_alone 3 of them have somehow managed to congregate directly behind me, granted there is plenty of space elsewhere to "chat"

they haad me forget what i was up too.
Irish Proverb The bearer of a juicy tale leaves your presence carrying a second. 071208
sameolme A tool for evolving and reinforcing social standards. 080515
somebody only the mute don't partake 080515
what's it to you?
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