kingsuperspecial she says she's not ready.
she says she doesn't know what she wants
she captivates me
she creates hope
she opens up and draws me in
she shows me hints of the possible
she touches me with warmth
she is inaccessable
she is torture
she tells me not to wait
she is not the only girl on earth
she might be worth the trouble
she doesn't know what she's missing
she never calls
she has to be true to herself
she is afraid of letting go
she will lose me if she wants to
she will have me if she wants to
she cannot set the purity of my intent
she is in control
bijou she is worth it. i'm sure of it. 010916
brunderfishy i put the 'fun' in dysfunctional! 030722
phil My mother is dysfunctional. She does not work. She is a controlled reaction, not an experiment. She has been melted and poured into a mold. She is what she has gotten used to. She is striving without a goal, without a function, she is working and building and cutting away the slack, she is barreling down where there is no hill. She is practicing her fall, she is practicing her jump from the face, from the summit, from the base. She is building a tower in the valley. She is digging wells in the hills. She is combing away the dirt, to reveal more dirt. She has no function, she is an abscessed. 031211
Not the Daddy Not marinated enough. 040310
Lila Pause In all the colors of the rainbow.
- It's only beautiful when you look at it through the lens of yet another french movie about endearing lunatics.
...When you walk through the shopping mall it all melts away like a dropped icecream cone on hot summer bitchumen.
- Noone will ever love this brand of dysfunction.
It's like the experimental new type of bubblegum that never took off and now clogs up the shelves; a discontinued line.
from now on society 041020
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