Scarlet I know nobody cares. But I need to put this somewhere, and I have no place else.

Digger is a band from PA. A very GOOD band. I have been into them for about 3 years, and kept current with them on their website. About 2 years ago a guy named GARRETT joined the band. And Garrett is the description of adorable to me. Yesterday, Digger came to Tulsa, my town, for a show. This is my first time to see them live, and its at a tiny little punk garage downtown. THe chance of a lifetime. I see Garrett and I freeze, then I think of the movie "Can't Hardly Wait" about how fate only takes you so far, then its up to you. I finally get the guts, and I talk to him. He is so nice. So shy, so nervous, so... EMO. We talk for about an hour. This is more than I expected, a guy in a signed band, talking to ME? As I go to leave, he tells me to email him from the web page, and gives me the sweetest, most innocent PURE FUCKING kiss, I have had in my life. This is bliss, this is what life's all about.
silentbob they were on the first punk cd i ever owned. Hopelessly Devoted to you. they sang I Want My Hat Back. i think they are somehow related to weston but cannot but sure at this point in time 020127
Scarlet yeah, they are both from PA. I believe anyways.... 020127
sabbie old men in slouch hats
with tears in their eyes
marching to the quiet sound of feet
and the musical pain
of medals and memories
god where can i find
a digger dog?
what's it to you?
who go