in german thank you. 020826
no reason donkey chain. 020827
~gez~ monkey brain 020827
myplasticmind insane. 020827
and the voice came floating over the partition

sab, are you german?

no, not in any way, shape or form
but i'm slowly teaching myself the language

if only one of my parents had of been from another country.
then not only would i already know anohter language
but two passports would be terribly useful.

of course, knowing my luck
they would have been from paragui or some country no one has ever heard of and veiws with suspicion.

of course, in this political clime, all countries are viewed with suspicion.

a friend went to america years ago and no-one would accept her ID because it was a drivers liscense from canberra and noone she showed it too had ever heard of canberra. they laughed at her, because everyone knows that the capital of australia is sydney
or occasionally melbourne.

global village my passported arse.
stamp this.

i shall become
a chaosgypsie
and travel with world around and around
till i get dizzy

which means i really have to get back onto
learning german

everything goes around in circles
and they all exlaim - ohh, you have bubbles!

and i laugh

ok, now i want to know how to say "and i laugh" in german
it can be my next phrase.
the only one i have at the moment is
haben si mine hosen zehaine, which means

Have You Seen My Pants.

and i laugh
sab ok, i have just added to my ever increasing german vocab:
and i laugh
and no eggs [thanks to a tool fan]
i love you
get fucked.

and i already know how to say 'i am an outsider' thanks to pop_will_eat_itself
and angel thanks to rammstein

im so set.
this is fantastic

happy sab
what's it to you?
who go