klarchen Blushing is most certainly an appropriate form of communication.

I see you.

Blushing is most certainly appropriate when its sweet tenderness appears before congenially admired ones.

I like you.

Blushing is most certainly appropriate when its radiant glow appears before exaltingly respected ones.

I am in awe of you.

Blushing is most certainly appropriate when its unbridled rawness appears before secretly adored ones.

I love you.

Tell me, oh please tell me then, did you happen to notice that I blushed for you?
the devils wings exposed she will never see me blush

not for the fact that i am shameless,
beacuse she awakens the childlike part of my nature i fight so hard sometimes to bury.

with a smile
she makes me forget
but also fills me anew with
the fear that my most sincere entreaties
will fail
as they always have before

this time i am glad
that someone cannot see me

i cannot afford to give the game away.

someone has already instilled in me a fear of speaking those three_words

so i will bite my tongue and blush invisibly beneath this skin of mine
acidshank he blushed when i was staring at his penis through his soft jeans.
it was a smile and a blush. i know he is proud. i hope he is happy. i dont want to be scaring him.
apparently i should have seen him. questioned if i had.
all i want is to be with him.feel him want me. his gentle touch. his eyes shying away from mine, but the small smile makes it all worth it.
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