sabbie weaving around
the trunks of trees
living in this blue forest
i find that each trunk
has a name carved into it
and lines of poetry
spiraling around the trunk.

wandering around the trees
reading the words left here
by people i will never meet
sometimes i think i catch glimspes
of others through the trees
a flicker of movement
an echoing laugh
a far-off shout

but i never see more than that
never hear anything else

but i am content
making my own way
through this blue forest.

it's only ever lonely at 3am

(with thanks to the author of im_alive_and_trying_hard for the idea of the blue_forest)
mikey or is it blue simply based
upon the haze covering my eyes
the fog in the mind
the shadow of mankind

are the trees but cornerstones
markings of a sort
handling a measurement
of our words now lets resort

to throwing thoughts freely
into this blue forest
the leaves beg of me
to stop a moment more
sabbie that's beautiful.

if it's wrong to like one verse more than the others, i would beg forgivness of you now, but i love the last verse.

well done sir. you have captured the my feeling of blather admirably.
mikey thank you sabbie. i loved yours it conjures up positive images for me. its wonderful. 010306
happiepill it's the bitter taste of losing everything i have held so dear... 031123
sabbie lost in a forest
all alone...

singing a song from 1979. dear dear
lost in a forest the girl was never there, it's always the same 031124
sabbie running towards nothing
and again
and again

thinks she knows who she's dueting with
magicforest my sister maybe 031125
severin aye 031125
what's it to you?
who go