psyki "Struggle for Freedom (Europe 3001)"
by andrew

raging hi-tech sci-fi battles
futuristic laser wars
fought upon the rocky beaches
fought upon the sandy shores

Portugal has killer Robots
they're no match for France's sons
all the French wear teflon armor
all the French have razor guns

young boys skilled in wartime combat
they all hate robotic swine
little Tim gets blown to pieces
little Tim stepped on a mine

"let us now defeat the Robots!"
comes the cry from France's ranks
"let's unveil our secret weapon!"
(it's a horde of flying tanks)

soon the Robots flee in panic
some survive but most are slain
it's a bloody day in Belgium
it's a happy day in Spain
lokkust harbingers and omens
perched atop thin lines of black,
you have a feeling you should stay inside today
but you don't
so you catch the tumbling dice of fate
and reveal in your palm
the eyes of the snake,
and from its mouth
you feel its flicking tongue
while two sharp fangs
puncture your skin and
deadly venom into your system.

you realize your mistake
but itís too late,
you look up and find
that the birds have flown away.
this is not your lucky day,
so you go back inside
and watch TV.
what's it to you?
who go