pyriel A little more mythology for fun:

the wandering angel

leader of the angels who were the guardians of the earth

the two hundred
the watchers

the others were cast into hell for having sex with the first generations of Adam's descendants

progenitors of the Nephilim - the children who were half angel and half human

wicked and powerful

The others were cast into Hell
Azazel was forced to spend eternity as something between a demon a ghost and a beast and would never know what it was to have a corporeal body again, except when the the scapegoat was provided for him
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... "A wild demon from the desert in the Old Testament to whom the scapegoat was driven forth, but is also mentioned as the place to which the scapegoat was sent on the Day of Atonement. Two goats were chosen and after one was sacrificed, the other was let loose in the wilderness, symbolically carrying away the nation's sins. This ritual is described in the Avodah. Aaron, as atonement, 'shall cast lots' on two goats 'one for the Lord, and the other for the scapegoat' (Azazel). The name of Azazel (as supernatural power) means "goat-god".
In Moslem demonology, Azazel is the counterpart of the devil in refusing to worship Adam or acknowledging the supremacy of God. His name was changed to Iblis (Eblis), which means 'despair'.

In Paradise Lost (I, 534), Milton uses the name for the standard-bearer of the rebel angels."
--- The Watchers were the fathers of the Nephilim, (Genesis 6:13)

The Nephilim were half-human and half angelic.

It is suggested in some apocryphal writings outside the canon of accepted Judaic scripture (the Book of Enoch and related writings, as an example) that the chief reason for The Flood in Genesis was not just to punish the purported sinfulness of mankind, but to wipe out the hybrid bloodlines of the Nephilim

It may be the case that some, though not immortal, may have survived the flood, as similarly fringe sects and writings in christianity make mention of those called the Grigori, who would be the living grand-children (to the N-th degree) of the Watchers, diluted descendants of the Nephilim

by-products of Azazel's quiet rebellion
--- Iblis 031214
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