full of it i'll bring the tools, you build. 020716
good people and a jump into a river 020716
reitoei *lights some dyanamite* haha! not anymore!! now its all mine!! all mine-no sane people here. 020717
princess i dare you to cross that bridge when you come to it 020717
the average air speed of a birdmad What is your name
What is your quest
What is your favourite colour?
blaber mouth The brige is the only thing keeping me sane some times the ropes break but you just got to fix them as best as posible 020718
pretty nothing running
phil today 020729
megan blue... no yellow! AAAAAAUGH! 021230
p2 it's a toll bridge
and the price is too high
phil ya, so it's a brigde. Crossed it a long time ago, they should change the sign. 030307
j get over it 030308
agony_herself you

i know you, but i can't feel you
i hope you, but i can't pick you up and brush off the dust
and you just smile and point out the clown
the everlasting yes
screaming and writhing
it drools

you look good in your furry coat
and i would kill myself for it if i only could
you're the queen-bee in a drag
so fucking special it reduces me.

and the lamb of god was yesterday
praying doesn't help
crying only makes way for more tears
and i'm lonely and loaded with words
and arguments and duties
you're the bridge
you crossed
pull me over
puredream over the river to my soul. 040727
Doar a bridge too far 040728
pete the toll nonrefundable, please leave all idiosyncrities inside your own mind at all times. there is no escape. 040728
TK some bridges are better off burnt 040828
suicidalchinadoll who needs a bridge...you're already there!

look into my eyes...
what's it to you?
who go