amy uh-huh. craziness. if it didn't take so much out of me, it wouldn't be so bad. i take it as slow as fucking possible now. to do what's right, discipline is a must. but don't take my word for it. 021110
amy oh my goodness. it wasn't taken. 021110
p2 i remember reading
a yakov shmirnov(?) book
he talked of his father
and that the word "yup"
in russian
means sex
and of how
when his father came to visit
the first thing he wanted to do
was see the "yuppies"
minnesota_chris I was going to put that under foreign_curses!
Another word not to say in Russian is Blah, it means whore.

Blah, blah, blah.
god yup, it's a guestbook 040102
bobthebumb meow 040315
oren Pathetic.


kuffsleeve Yup Yup Yup

oh dear.. guess what i'm doing !

Sharpening pencils.. Wonít get me now where I don't think...

Kerning and Tracking layout stuff...
Oh I don't know, I can't sit still.. I'm getting agitated it seems so... ummm wots the word.

Yup Yup...Butt never mind...

Iím not a pro at it thatís all; maybe I should just do drafts?
I can be good at detail stuff but it makes me stand still, it makes me slow down and it consumes my other ideas.

. My patience has disintegrated .

If they won't let me fed the Penguins then what will they let me do?

Do you think they might let me start with the batten AND run to the finish line ( flick a bit of paint of somik ) ?

But that would be greedy...

yes... too much cake.

Oh Iím so useless at applying for jobs
shit i'm going to pull my eye balls out.
spelling... "nowhere" and "feed"
shit... i can' type for shit..... nevermind
what's it to you?
who go