Brad I still won't let anyone use mine 001007
splinken in defense of using someone else's toothbrush/letting someone else use your toothbrush.

when you wake up in the morning, and one of you doesn't have a toothbrush--it hits you that the cooties have already been transmitted. many times over, if you're lucky.
startfires i keep one in my glovebox. i like to brush my teeth. 001008
ladybird yeah....i stayed over at an ex's recently, and *plenty* of cooties were exchanged that night ....and the next morning, too ;) He told me to use his toothbrush but when I went to I just couldn't. I dunno, there's something scarily intimate about it. Like even more intimate than sex. Which is a bit nuts really. Isn't it? 010515
Dafremen When toothbrush time comes at my house, I pick a random victim's off of the wall. Then I wash it thoroughly with hot water, brush my teeth, then thoroughly wash it again in hot water and leave it soaking in Listerine.

Perhaps cooties are the ties that bind.
ClairE I left mine at home.

*Colleen* I dont care how many times we have kissed or whatever, someone elses toothbrush just FEELS different. It tastes all nasty and gross. The only plaque I want on my toothbrush is my own. When someone else uses it, Id rather throw it away than stick it in my mouth again. *YUCK* 030422
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