brainy i know the feeling, and how easy it is to get confused. seek telepathics anonymous. (kidding) i think it's just that these things find ways of getting communicated, no matter what the distance. they rise up, get reinforced, and let go eventually. Releasing is much easier with real interaction. Internet doesn't seem to help, only encourage. Bleh on the internet. 010125
miniver But, there's no real way that it's "supposed" to be. Everything is confusing. Everything that becomes confusing is confusing. The internet is just one more thing that YOU can now add to everything.

"Bleh on everything".

Or maybe: "Fuck it".

Or maybe: "Make do".
ever dumbening The water and the sand play at push_hands,
Roll back, push, and press.

Rotating, the earth brings the swelling moon
Brings the swelling tide. It is early tonight
And high.
The tables never perfect.

I sit upon the hearty log
I sat upon two days before, weathered and bleached.
I find where I wrote
A few transient words on the lone
White bone reaching up from the log:
"Transient words
On a log".
Two days of sun sand salty mist and
The blue words bleed and fade fast.

Summer's long glare adds to the vertigo
The wave surrounding my perch provides.
I lean back, tasting the slight bitter acid of
Dizziness, laughing as I view the scene
From far above, faultines tugging, snapping.
somebody Ebb and flow
of ancient waters




you will find what you seek...
what's it to you?
who go