Thythoushallshant I'm am nice and never dirty or naughty. I always say the polite and proper thing and never whats on my mind. I do what others want of me and and never of my own will. I am a puppet for other to play with. I blather once in a blue moon, never more than once in one sitting, and always deep and thoughtful at my words. I have a life, but few friends, all of which are totally different than I. I never play with myself in a sexual way and I am always having physical relations with others rather than myself. I have no girlfriend, yet women flock around me as if i were a god. I am normal and never strange. I am sullen and sad in public and at home will do whatever i wish and will always be happy and outgoing. I am Thythoushallshant. 010120
who i am doesnt matter anymore I think after reading all of your blathers. This is my favorite. Because I know what was running through your head, I can see the face your making as you type it out. Its different from anything else ive read. and I that time and was the exact opposite of who you where. or was it?
If only I could know how you write now..3 years later. i want to know how much youve developed, and feel what you've gone threw.
but we dont always get what we we? :)
what's it to you?
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