birdmad sitting here fighting the craving for a cigarette and listening to the_cure playing "Pornography," "Disintegration" and "Bloodflowers"

dancing carefully around the razor-sharp edges of memory that these albums have for me

i can feel myself teetering at the edge of the clove-smoke wagon ready to fall off
User24 dance carefully, and think about the consequences, yes, it's easy to slip down, the allure of all that energy again, godlike power, and all that.

But is it what you really want, really?

Think about the side effects, a crumpled figure shaking in the corner of a darkened room, that was me, and I think maybe you, too.

Can you control it yet, let it out in short bursts to get what you want, but not let it take hold of you?

If not, you will one day, just keep fighting it, and dont dance when you dont need to.

If that makes sense to you, good, otherwise, nevermind, I misread you.
User24 ack! computer crashed, looks like it took blather with it.. hope this page is totally dead.. 030613
... ack! computer crashed, looks like it took blather with it. sorry if the page is broked... 030613
User24 isn't, I mean. 030613
birdmad Recorded live in the Tempodrom Berlin 11/02

the sharp edges in the part of my mind where these albums takes me isn't the same as the fragmentary opiate dreams that i sometimes occupied during the first two

it is not empowering or euphoric

it's catharsis at best

these are the classically dark cure discs,

it was no wonder they chose to perform them live in their entirety and as a trilogy

a triptych painted in shades_of_night
oldephebe man you brothas can WRITE yo' A**** OFF!

what's it to you?
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