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Syrope i've had nagging thoughts that maybe i have some sort of come & go social anxiety problem...or set of problems.

there are times when being with lots of people repulses me. there are times when i can't stand to be with a small group. so i'm always either running to or from a crowd. lately i've only been unconditionally comfortable around about 4 certain people. new people don't scare me, but they take so much out of me.

anyway, the most recent quirk i noticed is that i'm uncomfortable being with someone i don't know well in a large (but not open) space. like when you go to a restaurant with someone new and you get put in a booth for 6 or 8 people. that BOTHERS me. i don't even like being in an empty library to study with someone i dont know well. i always suggest we move to a lounge or study room instead of the big open tables.

i could sort of understand not wanting to be alone with someone in a huge open space with no one else around, and i can understand not wanting to be trapped with tons of people in one spot, but apparently i have it mixed up.

with people i am comfortable with, it doesn't bother me in the slightest. i'd rather have extra room than be crammed.

it doesn't make any sense
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