wingedSerpent ahh, fuck, where'd i leave that slippery mass of ectoplasm at anyway?

silentbob "Soul to Keep (For Phyllis)"

i woke up from a dream, i could've sworn i heard the 'phone
fan's blowing in the corner like it does when she's at home
familiar desperate feeling, always cold and dark inside
i'll probably sit here hoping soon that she'll be by my side.

yeah, i saw her smile that chased the blues away, the one to make it all okay
'cause it's one to go and one to stay, i guess it has to be that way
i found my kindred spirit, now she's with me as i sleep
and it's in her hands, up to her where she'll put my soul to keep.

out there in the hard world trying to blend into the day
a thousand different faces stare, i try to look away well, i
can feel her move within me and her voice is in my head
and with that in mind i seem to find a way back home again
werewolf wow bob...that was purdy sweet. specially the fan thing. it struck my fancy. 030314
silentbob thank kevin_seconds 030315
werewolf well i don't even know who kevin seconds is so i'll thank you for sharing it with me. 030315
jane as of kevin and allyson seconds? 030316
silentbob all i know is that its a Kevin Seconds song that matt skiba sings on his solo split cd thing with kevin seconds.

download it, wont you?
jane i can't.....i have no sound on my computer 030507
User24 ;o) pray the lord my soul to eat.

keep! I meant keep.
joda rub-a-dub-dub,
thanks for the grub!
jane soul_to_squeeze 030613
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