klarchen I love to steal at twilight
To the desolate, somber shore,
Sweetheart, there to think of you!

When the ceiling grows dark,
The reeds rustle secretively,
They lament and whisper
That I should weep.

And I think I hear drifting
Softly the sound of your voice
And in the water sinking
The strains of your sweet song.
silentbob in a field of grass
completely dead
i sit and wait for the sun to come out
when it doesn't only more dark death ensues
i breathe in and breathe out heavily
my soul has frosty breath
with wishes and dreams that
wonder if they'll come true
i want just to sleep
i want just to dream
i want just to hold her in my arms without interference.
i'm sitting in a dead grassy field
where once the sun shone over daisy filled hills
you used to sit there with me
and we'd laugh and kiss and sing
all kinds of songs
but it's all been blown away
and i wonder when i will see you surely
Whitechocolatewalrus The sky is so
as the water drifts
my eyes shift
the song plays
and my mind sits
somber and cold
When will everything be okay?
When can I relax and smile?
When will you notice?
Do you care?
what's it to you?
who go