highanddry do you remember that night
when we sat, two girls, bruised, bloodied and scarred,
facing a city of opportunities
and the cider label couldn't fight my frustrated fingers
which massacred it and left it to rot with the corpses of nervously smoked cigarettes?
and you saw me from behind my smokescreen
and spoke my hidden thoughts?

(i loved you that night)
jane that radiohead song came on, the only one i didn't know 050714
Evilair I have no idea what solas means, so I'll just blather anything random that comes to me

like the feeling you get when you see scars of your past, and you wonder if they will ever go away
and everytime someone sees them, you know that that person is wondering about those scars
and they will ask you about it
and you'll tell the story of the scar
and it will continue like this for as long as you live
perhaps this is what they mean with scars being pages in your life
perhaps when you've stopped being able to tell the story, that's what they mean by dying, and taking it with you to the grave.
perhaps it isn't.
Evilair I like High&dry by the way 051203
Nohbdy No matter the heights to which I achieve, I'm afraid no one will ever speak about me that way. Including you. 060426
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