s is the color 010124
Oscar the undersides of the evening clouds that litter the western horizon near sunset.

blood and roses

the skin of ripe fruit waiting to be shared

the speeding car rushing along the blue highway in the dawn

What a ride.
chanaka i change my mind
i love this red
the unbroken ruddy expanse welcomes me...
twiggie i'm trying to love it...i really am. 010125
deb i feel like i'm on
or something...
it's a bit
like someone
took my walls
and drenched them
in blood,
then blowdried it
to that caked crusty

it won't wash off
harry flowers Dyed Dead Red 010126
k ann likes red.

red, red, red.

tan shoes ann?

no, red shoes.
mikey hogan chaos, madness,anger,hostility....mind gripping attention getter 010127
Tank we never have been able to get along. something about the colour breeds a resistance in me. i'm all about the blue baby! she say's, anyway... 010128
kyla "Shake, shake, shake, senora,
shake your body line
Shake, shake, shake, senora,
shake it all the time."
okay i believe you Senora's dance has no title
you jump in the saddle
Hold onto the bridle
guitar_freak is the color of the car i just got for my birthday. god i am happy in the superficial sence 010204
mikey looks like red is exploding today. i need more to read!! blue hasnt had anything new in hours. wake up people EXPRESS YOURSELVES! BBBBBBBLLLLLLAAAAATTTTHHHHHEERRRRRRR

yes im an addict.
mikey seems to be much more fun then blue. at least during the hours im online i guess all the "red" people are late night types to. or in different countries like dB possibly 010309
nocturnal I've definitely come to prefer red. Sure, blue will always have a special place in my heart, it was the first. I'll always still blather there, but I feel better in red. 010309
mikey is the best 010311
chiidi the Y shaped incision on my chest

if anyone asks me, i'll just say it's my autopsy scar

damn glad i never wear white clothes
startfires this red business makes my face hurt. 010502
yesh shouldn't take any time at all to load. 011229
pleasedrivefaster never watch red planet. 011230
blather in the beginning there was blather

and it was good, but over time there arose a sigh from deep within the blather

a new blather was created in the image of the old, but it was red

and it was good

and it is still good
... ...dreamed by blue...

but it's opened up a question for me:
why do we force the blood to flow so much?
fugazi so come on, take your medicine 020204
jinx I hope it doesn't fade like all the other times. 020217
damaged i think maybe blather_red is more of a home for me than blue could be. i just feel more at home here. it suits me better. more scorched than crestfallen 020301
silentbob 020416
kill rhythm i feel real stupid for not knowing that there was a blather page in red... 020430
silentbob dont feel stupid. feel enlightened. blazingly enlightened. 020501
peyton I have a red light bulb in the hallway outside my bedroom. I can't sleep with it on. I always picture a black outlined form, glowing red, watching me while I sleep. I have a blue light bulb in the foyer downstairs. Sometimes I sit on the stairs and look at it.

Red is scary, all alone at night.
silentbob him: i really enjoy the color red
me: me too! i'm wearing it now!
him: it was just bleeding down my arm when i realized how much i like it
me: oh.........what did you use?
him: a little modeling razor. these things will be the death of me someday.
me: i hope not soon.
belly fire breathing room.
room to breathe.
*nat* The colour of the scar on my stomach.
hasnt quite healed properly yet, still hurts a bit. Damn my appendix.
belly fire she dont panic "...oh all that I know
there's nothing here to run from
cause here, everybody here's got somebody to lean on..."
a blatherer mmmm, blather birthday cake 030124
Fido nothing comes to mind
except the color red
yarn, apples, maybe blather
and when it comes to the latter
the lines I carve only make me madder
damn words... conflabbited words

hahaha... music...
Cicero ripening presently
watercolors, mostly
of saffires
shaped like stawberries
cut and washed
and all laid out
little wonder smaller and cozier. much more comfortable to me right now, knowing that much fewer will be reading all of this and judging my words.

it used to be so unsettling to me, brownish red and ugly. but i got to see it since it's birth, and it's grown on me.
little wonder i feel sort of alone, in the good way, while i'm here. 030604
endless desire can this be my home?
im feeling lonely
and i need a home.
the red makes me
a little uneasy
though. but still
can i stay? please.
Bespeckled Observation/opinion:

Red and blue definitely contain their own separate personalities -

so many people stay at blue and never, or hardly ever, visit red.

(Even when they do, I quite believe that they change their name to match the alternate personality they bring here.)

And the same goes for red skites who occasionally dabble in blue - althought there are far fewer regulars here.

Which leads to --


Someday, will the personalities of blue and red be so distinct, so completely different, that there are no blue-to-red or red-to-blue visitors ... resulting in a clean and unmistakable separation of the two-
such that one, in the future, may go through their entire blather experience -
never knowing the other exists at all?
amy it all comes down to where you stand on the laws of thermodynamics. if you're cool with the_unchecked_expansion_of_the_universe, then you like blue's style. it is a free-for-all. if you prefer to think that our minds are meant to bring order to chaos, then red might be the color. of course, there's a little red in blue and a little blue in red, though. if a blatherer segregates herself due to attraction to one color or the other, then she will grow into a stale old blatherer and will desire to leave blather. 031210
bespeckled, it's already happened. many people in blue don't know anything about red. of course, red has far fewer people than blue so the reverse is unlikely. 040117
courtney mikey hogan 040309
A.b x wow a red blather! 040802
once again and it happened that she found red blather, but she found it bright and painful and she hid her soul away beneath the deep blue ocean. But still it burned, and so she returned and found suddenly that the pain and glare was gone... that suddenly she was welcomed by this deep abiding red. 040802
tilt i see a red blathe and i want to paint it black.
no colors anymore i want them to turn black.

suicidalchinadoll the colour my eyes are rimmed with
when I can't stop thinking about you

can't stop thinking about you..

its not within your realm of rights to be jealous...
native persimmon rhubarb, the Rose moon,
shafts of tall grass
and the illuminated depths of the canyons
summer is here,
she is young and kisses all
with her fiery red pout
APRicochetMVP red is where i go to escape 050621
peyton when his sight
goes red again

they say freak
tilt i don't know if i like the color, but i like the content. that's the important thing i suppose. i wish there was a new one. 051110
crOwl we who live here are brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers.

we are family.
hsg red, I hope to always remember u. u r d color of only 3_characters. like a mil_abb, using context clues 2 deduce d meaning of a phrase, red, u remind me of consolidation. could it be, red, that u will help me find peace? & y not spell d word "always" as "alw"? I mean, ?# other words do u know of begin w/ "alw"? would it not b etter 4d trees? & 4 pages to load? and "and" = &. the = d. to is 2. we would soon read these new symbols quickly as & then even more quickly than we had their predecessors.

what we need is a universal_language that allocates the simplest, quickest symbols to the most common (word_frequency) words.

it could use a variety of symbols including colors such as red, and blue, maybe even magenta.

perhaps though Music will win out as the_most_efficient language.
hsg1437 (red) donations.

whats going on with that AIDS thing?
gja I had this weird situation today:
I had asked one of our new designers, a very talented graduate, to spend the first couple of hours of today coming up with a materials pallete that she thought represented a firm, our client, whos quite stridently put mission statement repeats the word "compassion"

(As an aside, thats strange in itself - one of our biggest clients is an order of catholic nuns (my good manners get me everywhere))

She came back from the studio - at lunchtime - with a pallete of welcoming materials in rich and deep colours that yes I will say made me want to lay down and rest - shed got it - compassion.
But - she had slashed her esquisse with a red band of coloured stone - RED. Fire engine red.

Red? I asked her. Whats this? what does it mean?

It ties it together she said.
She was correct.

But how do I explain it to the nuns? I asked.

Its the pan before compassion. She said - a rehearsed, designers answer if ever there was.

Go away I said. Have this afternoon off. Get drunk, go crazy, forget about designers explanations.

Im not cross with your answer I said. I can understand - I was taught the same designers language as you.

But dont bullshit me. Red has no compassion I said (I say).

I want the best you can give. I want it to be the right answer on its own. Your answer shouldnt need a foil to be correct. Let it be correct on its own I said.

Art I said, is doing something that *needs* to be done - well.
? what is your art then,
what do you do ? as in what do you do ?
log burning fire my art?

using all five senses.
rabbit rivers how about the sixth sense? 071023
log burning fire what about it? 071023
rabbit rivers is it a part of your art? 071023
log burning fire no. it is all of my art. 071023
aw-shucks i saw a huge chocolate log today and some love love tea bags and some sweet paper weights and some bumblebee lip softener, i have no idea what to do when i see such things, just look then touch maybe?

objects are funny arn't they! especially speed boats and yachts, motorbikes and streamlined low cars, i wonder what kind of animal designed them?
. pralines&cream red is ... strange. It seems more alert, more open, more watchful. But it's also more empty. Blather red is not just a little awful ... 011118
guitar_freak It's a LOT wonderful! 011120
bloodjetpoetry red is smaller.
red shouldn't spread.
red should not become blood.
red should remain partly empty.

sort of like the comfort of wearing shoes, but not socks. 011120
psychobabe red rules 011120
nocturnal here here! 011120
workinprogress. step_into_fear
the_unknown alternative
h|s|g (blatheRed) reminds me of a quiet coffee shop, just wish it didn't hurt my eyes (I'm sensitive to red light.) 110102
PeeT jump in! 120117
gja shiraz rather than rose

even if it is:

razzle dazzle rose.
log burning fire blather_red/red_blather has always been ahead of its time. we were some of the first to create the concept of a meme. we are pioneers and our seeds were spread internationally. we are the forerunners.

we breathe water in this red sea. fish who avoid the hook. we are naked when no one sees us. we are covered in masks but everyone knows us by a different name.
what's it to you?
who go