Q I went looking under mo3 instead of mo2 and, finding none of your now ancient but magnificent work there, asked you to undevastate me.

Then yesterday I looked under mo2 again and thought "Because of my mistake, I've been undevastated. Now what do I do?"

I repeat my refrain "Again and again, all I have pleaded for has been that you update what you had on there..." Now I know "had" is "still have."

Certainly the more recent is much better than the ancient, much better than even the just yesterday.

So once again I plead: "Update what you have on there."

We've pleeayed enough that I hope you will be responsive because you see the light I want to shine on your insight and the poetry of your presentation.
camille dearest Q
mo2 has not been changed,
to undevestate you... my words still dance delicately on the minds of those who understand.

are you not able to access my words? please tell me what devistates you?

being responsive
Q Dearest Camille,

Yes, thank you. I understand.

I was devastated when I accidentally looked for mo2 under mo3.

I undevastated myself when I discovered my error and looked under mo2 to find all the magnificence still there.

But what I am now pleading for you to be responsive about is to update what have on mo2. It is quite old. Surely you have more and even better work to put on there now.


camille I understand now. Thank you for tapping morse code on my forehead. grinning.

I have been so busy with work to the point of bringing some of that home with me ... I have not had the time with my site as i would like to have. Yes there is quite a bit more to add

mostly scrawled on pieces of paper on the way to work every morning or home in the evening..

blather is my break in the day.

I am humbled by your interest,
what's it to you?
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