splinken "wherever you go you break everything, everywhere!" 001211
silentbob i think i like it...
i know i like it!
i love it a lot because because because it pisses you off!
ClairE Dear Miss Hoover, you have Lyme_disease. We miss you. Kevin's biting me. Come back soon. Here's a drawing of a spirochete. Love, Ralph.

Is President Lincoln okay?

What's a battle?

What's for lunch tomorrow?
Chicken necks?!

I ated the purple berries. Ow. Oh. Mrrh.
--How are they, Ralph? Good?
They taste like burning!

Mr. Simpson! The tar fumes are making me dizzy!
Yep, they'll do that to you.

Okay, I'll stop. I have over six minutes of it, though.
Annie111 Ms Hoover!!! There's a dog in the vent!!
--Ralph, remember when you saw Snagglepuss in the bushes?
He was going to the bathroom!!
niska it says, "choo-choo-choose me... and there's a picture of a train..." 030309
MainstreamMess Happy Birthday, Ralph...
We love you,
Even if you are just a teensy bit...
But I'm sorry my darling.
We love Atom just a bit more.
And the metric system most of all.
the red baron "Mrs. Hoover, the movies over"
"where is she? her car is gone."
"Maybe she flew to the moon!"
theredbaron the doctor says i wouldnt have so many nosebleeds if i didnt keep putting my finger up there. 031118
Don arf 040608
what's it to you?
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