Quintessensual the fundamentals, the eyes, the lips, the tongue, the nose, the toes, the nipples, the fingers, the electricities, the essences, what i want of you, the feelings, the smoothness, the roughness, the hotness, the touch, the taste, the smell, the tingling, the sight, the everything, the essence, now, today, tonmorrow and tomorrow 990914
Quintessensual i've learned
'tis essential
to use
if 'tis to matter
me? quintessential quidnunc? 991110
trakie quintessential - every day that i come to blather you have at least 5 new entries. what's better than that, is they are meaningful entries, not like someone going to mean and putting "people suck." that's too obvious. some people would say you have no life for spending the time to blather. but i say there are few better ways to spend time than expressing your feelings, or
anything that's on your mind.
Scorched GanderSnout A live-oak crooked away from the wind
reaching up and back
to the path of the sun
as it blows from dawn to dusk

A gull hovering above the breakers
bouncing, teeters in gusts and bathes
in spray and foam as the mist
rolls through the tight bark canyons
and flaps past the silver-green leaves.

The tree feels all this with simple resolve and a stubborn patience
always reaching against the wind for the sun.
kronoman is then a quiddity the quintessential quiddity of a quiddity?


And if that made sense, you vanish in a puff of logic.

kronoman bamf

crediblehulk "Quintessential (adj):

Representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class."

Damn, Quincy Jones. He must be some kinda legend. I mean, he usin' french horns and shit...
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