me? -> typhoid ...pinstripe suits with corsses painted on the back, ragged navy and army uniforms, white turbans, mismatched socks or none, Tattersall dresses, thick_knitted shawls with babies inside, women in army trousers split at the knees, flea_bitten and barking dogs that run in packs, prams piled high with ligh furnishings in scarred veneer, hand_mortised drawers that will never fit into anything again, looted chickens alive and dead, horns and violins in weathered black cases, bedspreads, harmoniums, grandfather clocks, kits full of tools for carpentry, watchmaking, leatherwork, surgery, paintings of pink daughters in white frocks, of saints bleeding, of salmon and purple sunsets over the sea, packs stuffed with beady_eyed boas, dolls smiling out of violently red lips, Allgeyer soldiers an inch and a quarter to the man painted cream, gold and blue, handfuls of hundred_year_old agates soaked in honey that sweetened greatgrandfather tongues long gone to dust, then into sulfuric acid to char the sugar in bands, brown to black, across the stone, deathless piano performances punched on Vorsetzer rolls, ribboned black lingerie, flowered and grape_crested silverware, facted lead_glass decanters, tulip_shaped Jugendstil cups, strings of amber beads . . . 991226
Gonzo Horrible! vile horrendous! What demon-headed fashion 'guru' made this blunder. Pinstripe my coffin and coat in candy! Happy days for fun colours. Crazy colours all in line. What are you doing there? you belong with the others. But your still in line. Thanks for your cooperation. 011028
sab im in love
if lily_band constructed sentances
i would hope she'd write like this
sab lily_bland

and the bland played
and the band payed

another round thanks, the band is paying
what's it to you?
who go