moonshine When your "friends" dump you for drugs... 000624
silentbob When you feel outcasted simply because you do not Fall Into Line with others. So i don't "smoke" so i don't "drink" so i dont "drop acid" So what if i "Am not a born again christian"
kind of contradictory, isnt it?
outcasted by druggies and christians.
Xipe Totec indivisible sometimes

the antithesis of pain_and_pleasure
unqiue butterfly yes. i know that feeling. 010828
unique_butterfly got the pain. where's the solitude? 020728
IKC 56-80 sometimes the solitude becomes the pain

in silence
whisper pain that eats away at you from the inside out and you try to be stronger but after awhile you wonder what for and you find another distraction
another distraction

distracting you from the pain of your own existence and from the ...
king kong NINJA you pull my proteus heart into the proximity of the solid,
king kong NINJA: trapped like a myth, as the scorpion,
as the tear
as whatever the distance from you is
quantum jumps like a costume pageant
passing your various looks in the disguises you demand
until i am there past your first mouth, your second mouth, first date dress, second date dress, past tiredness with myself, and past reproach, to having been loved, to the stillness that i wish home
stork daddy stupid cut and paste...forgot to remove a king kong NINJA. 040414
what's it to you?
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