miniver I'm in a crazy mood!

Maybe I know why. Maybe you do, too.

I don't have philosophy today, though...
silentbob backwards is muvo
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lycanthrope A shepherd to his coy fish, i mean coy mistress.

"look at the moon and the light emanating from it! It's like a ripe ovum in the sky, how can i not be amorous?!" said he

"Actually the moon has no light of its own, it is merely filled or rather regretfully reflects the light of another, the sun. It passes it through its moon filter which is passed through the cloud filter to your eye - and there's the ovum." said she

"My eye is the ovum?" said he

"I guess the sun would be" said she

"But if you trace the chain of command back far enough, I'm sure the sun if just another light catcher, another dream trader." said he

"So you understand my coyness." said she.

"As firmly as i understand my lack of coyness" said he.

"And we will understand when you are coy but i am not, and on the night when there's sweet eclipse we shall make love and our eyes will fill with light-perhaps we shall even go blind-and the pages you write your poems on will scatter in the wind" said she.

"But what of the eclipses end?" said he.

"then i will reflect you"

or (she couldn't decide)

"Well then i will regretfully reflect the all too bearable pain of love"


"then i will reflect the flight into the night of the first and last true moonbeam. Haunting and agonizing when the moon's dark side is no more. A fleeting heavy paleness on the rivers on my back, in your eyes." (finally) said she

"each cycle feels new, unlike the one before it" (not quite so sharp as to have multiple answers) said he.

"it is nothing like it, it is incomparable, distinct." said she.

"well what should we do with the ovum?" said he

"we'll chase it slowly" said she.

And that was enough to bring silence.
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