Norm Back again, thanks to you I haven't eaten or slept voluntarily in a week. 020831
devalis die hard, they say. wait, don't they say that? huh. now I'm confused.

I used to bite my nails a whole lot. I don't know what stopped me because as a string player, they have to be short anyway. but now I can't even imagine doing that.

I also used to torture my boyfriends for fun. maybe not fun. curiosity. I wanted to see how much they really wanted me and so I would test it by finding some little reason not to want them anymore and then act like I would break up with them. they always faught it. I don't know why I did that.

I know why I stopped, though.
eklektic i wanted to listen to my white stripes tape today. so i put it in, but on the wrong side. on the other side of the white stripes is dashboard confessional. and i hadn't listened to them in a long while. i was about to push stop but then i didnt. and i listened to all of it. every song. every note. and i sang every word. and i remembered all those times the songs rang so true. some still do. and then i was compelled to put on the so impossible ep. and i did. and i listened to every song. every note. and i sang every word. and i thought of you, austin. and i thought of you, steve. and i thought of you, kate...hands down, that was the best year i can ever remember, always remember... 020831
Risen Old habits and love die hard 140502
Lemon_Soda Agreed. 140502
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