yummychuckle i like abercrombie and fitch for men. its pretty smelling. but i HATE of my brothers wears that and the bathroom reeks of it when he gets out in the morning.

i have this shirt with abercrombie and fitch sprayed on it from the guy i lost my virginity to.
nocturnal that swiss army kind. goddamn does that stuff get me goin. even though I never did like the only guy I've ever known that wore it. 010624
pipedream eternity for men. woo hoo. and hugo boss, 'cause it smells good on some people. hehe. 030604
pobodys nerfect I like the spicy smell of "Preferred Stock. When they first came out with that stuff,the guy in the ads was pretty darn sexy. *grins* I like the smell so much I bought a small bottle for myself awhile ago, but I've hardly worn any because everyone looks at me funny when I wear it. :P 030604
angie victoria's secret "very sexy" for men

i remember when i put a sample in my pocket so i can smell u whenever i want

nathan's in my pocket! hehe
white_wave for me:

Magic Noire

for him:

Eternity (because dudes don't collect fragrances)
Expand Armani Mania, hands down for sure! Sex in a bottle 040225
white_wave mmm, I'll have to look for that one. Pipers and I will be fighting over that man who bathed in Eternity. *cat fight* 040226
pipey can have him, i'll just spray someone else with my handy dandy little mini-atomizer here...hehehe

*lies in wait for next hottie to amble past*
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