unhinged wading through the muck
focused on the now

when i thought about moving back to milwaukee to be with you
it felt like i was moving backwards
literally and figuratively

now that i live my life alone without you
it feels like my heart is moving backwards
literally and figuratively

i think i was always too emotional, intuitive for you
so scientific and exacting

so these days
i'm looking for someone
any one
that's in touch with their feelings
so i can be in touch with mine
no reason recognizing what's useful and what it is detrimental 121202
grr "what is".

surprised detrimental hasn't been linked yet.
unhinged i think of all the things i should tell you. what you should know about my past so that you can decide if you want a future with me.

maybe it's too soon for all that.

but i have always gone with my gut/heart. especially with people, the ones i choose to bring into my life, why i choose them.

my heart is telling me to grab your hand and share my life with you. it is not just some physical need even though the hormones are there. i don't want to make the same mistakes with you that i've made with all the others. i want to show you my heart, even the dark twisty parts. now, right now, so that if you can't bear it the parting won't hurt so bad. like the proverbial bandaid, ripped off fast.

maybe it's too soon for all that.

maybe there's no reason to wait.
what's it to you?
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