grendel in silentbob band bio mode Al (or Alain or Alien depending on the project) Jourgenson and Paul Barker

with the help of William Rieflin and others.

this core membership also includes other collaborators for other projects

Lard -- with Jello Biafra
Revolting_Cocks -- with Chris Connelly and Luc Van Acker
1000 Homo DJ's -- various collaborators

they have worked with Pigface along with many of their former WaxTrax! labelmates from the early and mid 80's

Their early efforts sounded rather like any number of the darker "new-wave" acts of that period, culminating to their being signed in 1983 to Arista records and releasing the album "With Sympathy" which although a bit of a cult hit is derided by the band as "an abortion"

Disgust with label politics resulted in a return to Chicago's Trax studios and a string of singles and EP releases until 1986 when Ministry struck a deal with the Sire Records imprint of Warner Bros. music division

as they matured their sound grew darker and more abrasive, starting with the 1987 release Twitch, 1988's
The Land of Rape and Honey and their 1989 follow-up The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste, arguably reaching the peak of the assault with the 1991 effort PSALM 69 (the way to succeed and the way to suck eggs)

their two most recent efforts since PSALM 69, Filth Pig (1996) and Dark Side of the Spoon (1999) have marked a change in the ministry sound away from the harsh distorted soundscapes of their most notable efforts and toward a more purely guitar-oriented sound with occasional flashes of their old selves as seen in the single used in The Matrix soundtrack "Bad Blood"
god paul barker was in a seattle group called the "blackouts". they put out a really good ep. it had a song on it called "writhing". 010116
good people never trust a junkie....

connect the goddam dots!!!!!!!

fuck, psalm 69 is a gooood album
the land of bird and grendel Flashback!

Biomech Deluxe Strap me to the floor and put some Ministry on the stereo... i beg you... 021023
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