zatumushgir This is the realm of the Kings,
The Princes and Princesses of legend.
Here, brave knights do battle
Amidst a backdrop of courtly love
And rowdy revelry.
Hast thou perchanced to hear,
Good Gentle,
"Down at the Inn"?
heel turn on your ass 000827
mmm on who's ass? mine? 010325
vampers turns me on 010325
Becky I've never been much into the lords and the kings and such. I mean.. I thought it was interesting enough to do a 15 page paper in dufresne's class.. but I never really put much other effort into it. I do like the torture stuff though.. hehehehe 010704
vampers theres so much more than the torture stuff, although i have to agree that part is awesome. its an era of fantasy, chivalry, power, affairs, and completely fascinating advancements in the arts and my favorite, weaponry 010704
MollyGoLightly i have no patience for people who pretend to live in the middle ages. 010723
paste! 700 years ago, i used to lose jousting battles because my armor was made of couch pillows. i was very easy to knock off my horse, not mobile at all. oh well, at least i got to sleep with the countess. 010724
pjork riegn sullen on gte. my phone is smashed. why are all the nerve endings coming out of the bone?... telephone wild bill alfred hitchcock ring. 011211
nocturnal medieval philosophers were not the brightest group of folk. poor guys. if they couldn't explain something, they just avoided the issue as best they could. rather than finding beliefs from reasoning, they decided on which beliefs they would hold, then filled in reasons to support it. such backwards people. 011211
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