jackie "carnival barker" mc cracken Pub in Scahu, the vitriol surprise is topnotch they actually had room in the grand foyer for a lifesize animatronic replica of one of the giraffes_from_delphi

Upside has occasionally been spotted there, but never at the same time as Shitz we always wondered if there was not some sort of nerf_spear conspiracy that precluded the matter/anti-matter collision of upside or shitz

plaster headgear was never an option but soetimes the orange helmets are allowable just remember never to floss with any superstrings
ever dumbening Lopo, occasionally with the help of Shitz (though never with a modus_ponens, biconditionally speaking), has been known to adjust the carp_skin_rug tapestries that bespecticle the walls.

"Wander_Inn for a Seed or a Xanex" says the sign over the moose_jar.

Tyrolian cholocate (like a chocolate inversion) is shipped in from hapsslj and sits next to the pickled eggs bar_left (skiers right, starboard, yaw).

Someone (claiming to be christopher_walken) scrawled drugs_are_for_chickens on the bathroom wall in invisible_inkerton.
paste! splicers of bluejay destinations,

we have no more interest in the franchise, sofa risks. yeh ^ yeh ^ yeh, gettin' photo-restified. Wildow (sp):

"force when applied to a recess, is strategically not your best friend."

ondat, you broken squid. and LOPO took care of it all, SMIRK SMIRK, dobl, no trobl, even qoubl, the magnitudders of yo deftly aqueous propostituents, no doubts or shouts needed! Down with Upside & Llewelders! terff 2.56 and a whole lot of sweet gargle notes.

the theraboundist fly,
Shitz Allocator
oon there was a sign on the door prohibiting All signs on the door, retroactive to include all previous signs and that one itself.i stepped in the front door and immediately found myself falling from a second story window

damn those giraffes!
god knot sees, waiting in the hallway, a large spanish_ramada masada replica dada pravda estrada. he nods, then turns to the floor to dream.
his dream begins, a silver sparkle that knows no end.
he wakes up instantly and mourns the loss of tang, loss of tab, associated with these last few beverage conventions.
what's it to you?
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