sanguineous she is the most beautiful person. probably the closest friend i have besides my tomma. i can call her when he pisses me off and she can tell me that he's just being tom because i think she is the only one who knows him even close to the way i know him. she has been through many bad things in her life, bad things that have had effects on the person she is now, effects that some people might consider fucked up or weird. but i see her for who she is beyond all that. she's the only one i can trust to not tell a soul when i tell her something i don't want anyone else to know. she's the one i can sit there and vent to at parties while everyone else is getting drunk. and she sits and listens and offers her words of wisdom. she's the one i laugh and cry with when she's going through difficult times. she has written things that have made me tear up, and said things that make me laugh till my face hurts. i don't think i have ever had as much fun with a girl than her before.

but she is far away right now. and i miss her dearly. i only get to talk to her like once a week right now. but i have heard she is coming home for good next week and i'm ecstatic! now hopefully her boy will come home from europe instead of dragging her away from me again to a place that is unsafe right now.

i miss you lilees! i can't wait for you to come home!
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