me? i've been banging at this keyboard for the last two hours, and all i got was this lousy blathe. 991124
amy hey! lousy to you, maybe. 000206
The Schleiffen Man i have a newkeyboard that rocks while i tyope... i guess i'll just get use to it but the keys clack a little softer now... the old keyboard is attached to an even older computer sitting on my top shelf number crunching for the good of man kind... the compute ront he shelf cost me 50 dollars last year and it's slow, but it does what it needs to and what i need it to. it was even an intensive graphics workstation over the summer for one of my firends who had no computer but needed to work on her budding record label. it runs slowly but smoothly... now it sits alone on my top shelf to be forgotten but not lost... it runs silently day and night crunching the numbers it was destined for. mayb someday it'll be my test bed for programs or some new fangled operating system if i get off my ass. and to think... all i needed was a new keyboard. 000830
The Schleiffen Man too bad my new keyboard doesn't have a spell checker

klairchen I've been banging away on a different type of keyboard this entire evening and all I did was give up and come here to type this lousy blathe. 000831
Yoda I_broke_my_space_bar_about_two_minutes__ago.__The_first_word_that_came_out_of_my_mouth_was_"Dang"...__I_wasn't_that_____surprised,_seeing_as_to_how_ard_I_hit_my_keyboard_once_I_found_out_I_broke_my___number_two_key_two_and_a_half_minutes___earlier..._Good_thing_I_keep_a_watch____handy_and_not_a_spare_keyboard.__:^| 001120
distorted tendencies See: ibbnems 010923
lamo yeah my buttons suck too
i want one of those voice activated ones but i bet that id break it stupid piece of crap!!!!
Doar . 070805
ues i spilled milk on it
and the subsequent corroding of the
thusly altered the course of my life
entirely... don't drink anywhere near your computer, seriously!
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