forsaken by a toaster I don't care about your judgement!!!

clerbloinkula! ahahaha!!!!
Displeased No one has judged you right or wrong. Granted, the impression you leave us is that you are witless, sloppy, and devoid of insight into anything whatsoever. That is a perception, however, and not a judgement; I'm not saying you are right or wrong to be that way. Hopefully you possess the mental skills to differentiate between the two....

Perhaps all your intelligent posts have been under a different name, using better spelling, Mister_Song. Until you improve your terrible spelling, we will recognize your crappy posts whereever you place them.
dosquatch Flying bricks are amoral. They know not, and are neither good or bad until their journey ends. Judgment is then passed based upon their effect on the environment. Any single brick, landing harmlessly in the grass, is no_harm_no_foul and brings to bear no resentment. Should that same brick break a window along the way, however...

Hundreds of bricks, perhaps thousands, unceremoniously dumped somewhere will certainly draw attention, and perhaps ire, for even though no particular brick is a problem, the sheer bulk and volume do a damage all their own.

Still, nobody blames the bricks. Blame goes to those who set the bricks upon their journey, flying through the air.

Your words, sir, are bricks.
. Which is to say, if that is too subtle, that you may use them to build a monument for others to admire, or a huge steaming heap to be viewed with indignity. How do you wish yours accepted, my singing toaster friend? 070709
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