andrew I can't wait to go back to work, but nothing can replace the second summer I was there.
I wonder if things will evermend between us.
devalis I miss the place: The garden, the yellow house. The hot afternoons in July and the hose games and the strawberries and the sugar snap peas.

I miss the persons: Joe, I miss Joe so much. I didn't really get a chance to tell him goodbye and I feel bad about that because he deserved a goodbye. He was always so good to me, so good to everyone. One of those people you're just forced to love because you can't not, because ther's absolutely nothing about him not to love. Best boss ever and now when I go on other job interviews I can't help but think that whoever I'm working under, they'll never be as cool as Joe was.

I miss Vicki because she was always supportive and rolled with the punches, always great to be around... even though she was from Akron. I wonder how teaching is going for her.

I miss Sam. He made us aware.

I don't miss the people: As opposed to the -persons- listed above. On top of my tedious schedule, the people is the real reason I left. One person in particular.

So while I do miss the green_corps and it was a fantastic experience, rounding me out in all sorts of ways and bringing me to an entirely different level than I'd ever been on... I will never go back.
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