startfires that's very forward of you. and your_self? 001207
Rhin backward - under - over - in - out 001207
professor uno i apologize, in advance, for my tendency to add pistachios to your nostrils 020829
The Wolfs Path forward thinking
is what you said
I lacked.
the ability to
what you will need
or want
the only way to keep you.
Now, thinking forward
I am better witout
HairThief forward is a good place to go, always looking ahead, optimistic and positive. Also it stops you from bumping into things. I consider myself to be a positive person. Even if I wasn't I would tell you lot that I'm depressed, frankly there no need to bring others down even I was down although I'm not so there no point in bring it up. If you see my point. 040213
DannyH Going on. That was one of their catchphrases. That one I read in the essays of my Father, occasionally on the work itself, always at the edge of legibility. Louder for that. There were some others I learned from my Mother, who was a more reliable witness than Dad. "Keep moving or they'll get you." I understand it better now. I thought I did then, but I was blind and blunted with self-confidence.
Now my feet are set in laminating pyramids of clay and there's anticipation of pain in every movement. I've got one of my own, which is to say I stole it myself. "It's not about what you can give out. It's how much you can take and still keep moving forward."
On, on, on.
what's it to you?
who go