kerry i was just wondering if maybe someone would be so kind as to explain to me the whole thing with miniver and what's-her-name, Chrity? I haven't been here all that long and i was just reading the most_hated_blatherer blathe and their names kept coming up.

blather historian (the mad archivist) it was a long time ago (as far as blather-time is concerned) in both cases

miniver took it upon herself to offer up her unsolicited analysis of other blatherers and served up a few rather inflammatory critiques of who they were and what they had written...this resulted in the inevitable backlash of some blatherers not taking kindly to what she had to say.

chrity on the other hand was a different source of annoyance, one night, chrity blathed at "i_have_words" and told this long story about her own religious epiphany, ostensibly how she became "born again"

this would have been fine on its own, but to make sure it was unavoidable, she then hit the go button and added "go to i_have_words" to a very large number of blathes in a concerted attempt to make sure nobody could possibly miss it that night and this sparked a debate between some of the more religiously inclined blatherers (the_truth, for example) and the more irreverent blatherers which was represented at its worst extreme by hanael and his tasty_priest mantra meant, seemingly to scare her off or at least maker her stop - by all indications, it looked to have worked, but many blatherers to this day find it annoying to run across the blathe "go to i_have_words" wherever it pops up
kerry geez, that sucks major ass. thanks for the explanation. glad we're rid of them. 020503
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