jennifer the food from this easter is still in my fridge in little ziploc containers. two months ago that would be considered repulsive... now it's just science. The ham, a good 1/2 pound or more is completely covered in green fur, but amazingly, the potatoes au gratin show no signs of physical change. (They look so fresh in fact that I had to put a post-it-note on the container to ward off anyone looking for a snack.)

(sidebar): my spacebar still doesn't work right...
birdmad The only remnant of easter i can se where i am is some kid's neglected plastic easter basket which got blown into my lemon tree on the wind a couple of weeks ago (that and the hard plastic kiddie pool that briefly touched down on my roof before resuming its wind-blown adventure) and is just out of reach to get it down and trash it. it looks as if it's been in the sun since easter, the colors have faded the plstic is brittle enough that the tree branches pierced it when it was blown in, i fiure another couple of good storms will shred the thing to oblivion.

it's such a forlorn thing hanging there like the objects sting decribes in "king_of_pain"

ha-ha, that's_my_soul-up_there
amy when the west wind blows, maybe this stuff'll find the garbage...? 020818
Whitechocolatewalrus Easterly winds are the best because they are blowing towards the west. There is this tree out side my window that I can only see when the wind is blowing really hard to the west. I like trees and I like the sound of wind. This is why easterly winds are the best. 031107
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