Dis I have not felt like this in so long,
you couldn't imagine.
My dreams, filled with future, spill over into daylight;
I run an imaginary hand across your imaginary cheek,
kiss your imaginary lips with a fondness that is chemical.

Like a serotonin overflow or adrenaline injection,
you course through energized thought.
I close my eyes in my world, open them in yours,
and at night, before I sleep, I whisper to you in secret,
just to see if you will hear.

"Are you awake?" I ask,
"I think I love you."

Wait for me, sweetness, and I will give you everything.
sabbie from across a crowded bar
i watched the tears spill from your eyes
as you completely broke down
and if we would have been alone
i would have liked to gently lick
those tears from your cheeks
to soak in your salt and your sorrow.
but instead i had to watch
from such a distance as to make my heart break
as a stranger wiped away your tears
and indifferently let the precious fluid fall from her fingertips to the floor
where the only things they had
to share ther memories and pain with
were the shards of broken glass,
the cigarette butts and the spilt beer
that littered the dark and sticky floor
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