squint lay tangled in myself
and thoughts bouncing off of ceilings
landing in a notebook

i have to say goodbye to
fuck this
these are m,y only words right now im so fuckin pissed
at myself
at this world
at this pathetically self-centered town
no one seems to give a fuck about anyone but themselves
the periless downfall of my co-workers
smoke weed
fuck up
drop out
become a Valvoline lifer
only u cant sustain the easiest fuckin job in the world because you're feeble minds lack the capacity to process any rational thought
damn thats frustarting
Security picked a hell of a nite to fuck up...someone fucks uo at corporate and sets the alramss off with me in the store still...those circling blue lights and loud sirens were no match to my inevitable screams of frustrations
i left that horrible nightmare to go to a place were serenity is brought through my veins all of the stresses are released that was comforting that i was so close
only to be drawn back to the firey pits of hell
once again a major corporation full of a bunch of fuck ups
i am home now someplace were i do not want to be so i am goin to bed
apparently not i just got kicked out

didnt finish earlier left in a hurry so i cut and pasted it...
like whoa
seventeen round minutes
carved conversation
first to hang up.
kx21 iLink:

Borealis can I?
someone once told me to compose like that...
I just sort of looked at her..and was glad I wasn't paying her much at all for that clinic.

I don't think i coudl bring myself to do it...things simply are.
three words cut_and_paste
questionable_three_words un_capitalized
what's it to you?
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