birdmad relentless

addiction not just to external substances but sensations and the myriad chemicals that the body and the brain dope each other with in just the right moments

there is no rehab for these things
girl_jane something fruity 020816
:)P (i) 020816
devalis an insaitiable want of something that's never there when such a feeling occurs. 020816
girl_jane something june 030306
Forming Mind Make-up smeared on their faces,
all the actors are taking their places.
Mimicking lines, moving lips.
Pronouncing syllables with no sound.
Words escaping holes smeared with lipstick.
Speechless, blinded I lay in front.
I crave the sweet nector of meaning.
Words flowing so beautifully
my mouth will water fountains.
And I can sit back and listen,
remeading soceity with a cigerette in hand.
For what does it matter when I can hear and perceive?
When I've experienced now what most die still not knowing its name.
stephshine that's it. that's what i am. you name it, i crave it today. 070305
bird or satyr? i'll show you each spring is a treacherous thing 070305
gja love cats 070306
misstree like eating three potato chips

i have tasted of spring,
and must have more.
flowerock I want to eat dark chocolate and dark chocolate truffles with sunflower seed butter all day until I pass out. Then I want to sleep until I wake up and make sweet potato hasbrowns in the almond/orange flavored coconut oil and watch cute movies with open windows in a clean organized rv after a hot shower... mmm craving... dreaming... and of course all this with my lover and puppy too. 140805
flowerock dreams_don't_work_unless_you_do
said a t shirt on a body walking by...
what's it to you?
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